The Fund’s investment objective is to seek total return through long-term growth of capital and income. The Fund seeks to achieve this objective by investing in a portfolio of domestic equity securities of companies of any market capitalization.

The Fund invests in securities that are undervalued and exhibit the likelihood of exceeding market returns. Utilizing proprietary research, the Adviser to the Fund determines the intrinsic value of any given security.  Based on the defined intrinsic value, the Adviser will buy securities in anticipation of a high total return which considers both appreciation and income.

The Fund considers securities in all market capitalizations and all market sectors for investment, to maintain a balanced, diversified portfolio. Consistent with its investment objective, the Fund intends to invest opportunistically in all market capitalizations and to vary its allocations to the various capitalizations. The intention is to hold these securities until their market values reflect or exceed their intrinsic values.

While the Fund’s vision is long term, the relationship of equity price to intrinsic value will ultimately determine the holding period of any given security.  When the Fund determines that a position is over-valued through appreciation, or no longer offers growth potential, or the underlying reasons for inclusion in the portfolio change, the positions will be decreased or removed from the portfolio.